Women-Leader Sandhya Blasts Mohan Babu
Shilpa • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Women-Leader Sandhya Blasts Mohan Babu

Collection king Mohan Babu is also known for his dialogues but then there are times when his dialogues are also taken in the wrong angle and it draws controversies. This time, something like that has happened and one of the ladies is currently venting out her steam on the senior star.

She is none other than Sandhya, a ‘mahila sangam’ leader and her anguish was towards the statement of Mohan Babu which stated “we are not wearing bangles” as response to the KCR attacks. However, madam Sandhya is offended by that and retorted that is it that cheap to wear bangles!!!. She said that many ladies who wear bangles ruled states and country as well. She added that there are many ladies who have become cops, army officers and they wore bangles.

While this blasting was happening on the TV, the viewers were having a hearty laugh. Well, though Sandhya was getting all worked up, they said that even she didn’t wear any bangles which go to show the ‘Chinna choopu’ that she has for the same bangles. Why can’t she wear bangles being representative to women? Why she wants to imitate men? Is that not her inferiority complex?!



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