Working Out And Dieting - A Winning Combination
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If you are reading this article, you have probably tried exercising and dieting and it hasn’t worked out for you. You have probably researched on hundreds of exercises and on hundreds of diets and still have not lost weight. The idea is to integrate the right amount of exercising to the right amount of dieting. The combination of exercise and diet can work wonders.

It is a fact that the human body requires around 1500 calories of energy intake. Ample dieting can get you to maintain the 1500 calorie intake but is still not sufficient to lose weight. This is because the accumulated fat is still in the body and is not being assimilated. In order to do so, the human body has to burn at least 500 calories per week to show any difference in weight loss.

The ideal fitness regime one can adopt would involve a half hour jog in the morning, followed by an exercise plan. The breakfast should be moderate, followed by a light lunch. The evening should be devoted to weight training to improve muscle mass and the dinner should be meagre. It is important to eat less at night. While it is not proven that the human body can’t digest food at night, eating a lot at dinner can cause other problems like acidity and ulcers.

Your dieting ought to be balanced. This means that your diet should have a little bit of everything. If one restricts too much of a particular nutrition, it could have devastating consequences. This means that you cannot ignore carbohydrates and fats in your diet. They need to be present, but in moderation. The breakfast should consist of cereals and pulses which are rich in protein. Lunch could include a little carbohydrate and fat in it, but dinner should only have vitamin and mineral based nutrition. In this way, one would have a wholesome nutrition, while at the same time maintaining the allowed calorie intake per day.

Exercise also must be concentrated on. The mornings ought to be devoted to aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging and cardio, while the evenings ought to be devoted to anaerobic exercises such as weight training and indoor exercises. It is necessary to do a little bit of both. If this regime is followed, then in no time, one will be able to see results that can astound.

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