World Warned To Prepare For Bird Flu
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Facing the possibility of a potentially devastating human bird flu pandemic, the United Nations system; the Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the Economic and Social Committee UN health and agricultural agencies? Today outlined a blueprint for immediate preventive and mitigating action.

We may not know about the future course of H5N1, know this: only establish human-to-human transmission, there would be only a matter of weeks to lock down the spread before they spin out of control. That's why the international community must take action now. "Mr. Annan said at the time the global health summit, a three-day event in New York held to discuss key health issues.


The most amazing fact about this new bird flu

virus is what science knows about it. The mystery remains as to how people get infected. It is to breathe the air nearby feces? By eating the meat of ducks? By touch? Nobody really knows.

Meanwhile, the relevant health authorities continue to kill infected birds, experimenting with genetic variations, and running computer simulations to control panic. It is clear that hospitals and first responders will be completely overwhelmed as morgues.

Given these concerns, and possible rationing of flu vaccine available, it is advisable that people are also looking at other areas which are complementary to good health. In the United States, the average American diet is rich in sodium, fat, sugar and preservatives and low in nutrition. These are not features of the components associated with supporting a healthy immune system. It is beneficial components of foods that feed the body's cells and support normal function, which allows each cell, can restore, protect and defend the results of injury and illness. A wrong body is less able to carry out such activities as the basic building blocks for cell function are in limited supply.

If you're not scared at this point, then take a moment to read the essay cover of the October 2005 national geographic. Look at those photos. Analyze those tables and charts. Then ask yourself, what are the odds that a killer virus will hit my home town, my family this flu season? Right now, the WHO says chances are 10% the killer you choose.

People should therefore aim to improve the diet of beneficial sources of food and reduce the importation of sychnoterafagomenon eaten foods that are known to be more harmful to the body than untreated counterparts. Support a healthy immune system will ensure a perfect defense against the invading particles of influenza virus? Certainly not. However, a healthy immune system can mean the difference between a contracted the flu and recover quickly and someone who suffers most.

The most important factor in improving the nutrition of any person is to improve the quality and variety of foods eaten. While dietary supplements can provide some excellent health benefits intended to supplement, not substitute the benefits of good nutrition.

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