Would The ''Telangana Leaders'' Weep Only When Their Caste People Die?
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Before Venugopal Reddy committed suicide for the sake of Telangana, there were many suicides in the Telangana region which also included students. Freshly, today around three students committed suicides. However there is one thing which is lingering in the minds of many.

Would the Telangana leaders cry only if people belonging to the some castes do suicides? Damodhar Reddy and Seeta Dayakar Reddy wept when Venugopal Reddy committed suicide. But before that there were many student deaths in the Telangana region. Why didn't they shed even a tear for their sake. Even Srikanth Chari's photos and posters are greeting several Telangana areas.

But when BCs, SCs or STs commit suicides then the same leaders are not too bothered. This again proves that the Telangana movement is headed by doralu castes "Reddys and Velamas" but the same castes do not bother about lower castes.

This is causing some concerns in the Telangana people whether these forward castes would bring back the old days when the forward castes used to treat the lower castes as virtual slaves.


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