Write A Poem ...
Sunny • on 10 years ago • 1 min read

I want to read that there are deep inside your soul, go into a verse undressing to the essence sublime that President.

I am writing with invisible ink so that nobody knows nor understands all the affection that you profess my soul enclosed in a sublime silence.

I bare my heart before you complete you know me and I guess all my dreams my soul incentive to fly through the skies without the distance or time.

Time is an illusion that hurts and the distance is a deceptive dream Today I would like to dream and be golden unicorn crossing the universe and cross the seas reach a destination and next to you possess.

Elevated me, my golden unicorn, Prince of my dreams see, surquemos again the starry sky and discover yourself what I guessed so long ago ...

Furrow with you the starry sky get a gold star the most beautiful of all and would like headband in your hair Prendes reach the moon and tell with an eye what you guessed and I have so much time silent ...


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