X Box Repair
Andy Zephirirn • onIt & Systems 10 years ago • 3 min read

The best console out can also be the worst, that goes with every name brand appliance or Company. The X box is no different, this gaming console is quite new to the gaming wars and has sold millions of units worldwide but has it's problems. The problem I am speaking of overheating or as many gamers like to call it the Red ring of Death, this problem has made many owners of the console purchase another but you should be so haste in your decision. There are many places that do X box repair, but many of these places charge a small fee.

What these technicians are actually repairing are the CPU's, these are known to overheat overtime due to weak fans. They usually charge a very heft amount but I bet you did not know you could do this yourself. There are actually many guides on the net that teach you this nice little trick but they do charge you, in my opinion it is totally worth it. In reality X box repair is becoming a small trade in itself, you can make money fixing people's consoles now until the new X box comes out in 2010-12.

There are actually a few tricks that help bring your console back to life but there are usually temporary and never permanent. The first X Box 360 repair trick I will be showing you is called the towel method, what you want to be doing is wrapping your 360 in a towel then turning it on. What this towel does is add insulation to the already bare CPU, if this does not work I would not worry cause you still have one more technique before you take the road that you actually have to pay to get it working.

The last technique is really quite simple and usually does not do the trick, if this works then it was not the CPU but a minor connection error. This X Box repair technique is called the AV plug method, what one should be doing is checking the back of of the console for any loose cords if found proceed to connect. Once you hear a clicking or snapping sound then quickly turn on your system if the problem continues then you have no other choice then to seek professional help.

Now we run out of ideas, your X Box is still not repaired so getting a guide is the only viable option. I know you are probably thinking that you should not but you really should cause in the long run it will pay off. I really do Microsoft fixing this problem so you are better off, it's either this or buy another console and trust me the games for the 360 trump every other console. Sio be smart and whats best for your console.

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