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My employer is considering using SugarCRM. For the past few weeks we have been testing SugarCRM. There is an implementation of SugarCRM, and I started making notes of the differences between XRMS & SugarCRM. For my use as a professional salesperson who makes lots of dials a day, I greatly prefer XRMS. For other uses, someone may prefer SugarCRM. Below are some of the initial differences. In our XRMS configuration, we have advanced tie in with our VoIP, incoming and outgoing email. I did not include these points because I believe that there is a similar configuration, for SugarCRM, but I have not been able to test those features.

  1. Entering a note or activity. SugarCRM - cannot back date;
    XRMS – can put include any date.

This is important when you have a communication with someone, but do not contemporaneously add that data to the CRM. XRMS makes it very easy to have an accurate historical profile related to events with that contact or company.

  1. SugarCRM cannot tie an activity to more than one Contact;
    XRMS can associate an activity to more than one or more Contacts.

  2. SugarCRM - Enter Account (Company) and Contact separately;
    XRMS – Enter a Contact at the same time as Company.

SugarCRM's inability to add a Contact with an Account is a time waster for me. If your customers are not commercial customers, then it probably does not matter. If your clients are businesses, then there will never be a time when you will add a Contact without a Company. With XRMS having the ability to add a Contact at that same time as a Company is a great benefit.

  1. SugarCRM – Cannot attach a document to an account or contact;
    XRMS - can attach a document to a Contact or Company.

This is great for attaching Contracts or POs to a Company or Contact.

  1. SugarCRM – Cannot show relationships between Accounts or Contacts;
    XRMS – Can show relationships Company-Company; Company-to-Contact; Contact-Contact; Contact-Company

XRMS associations are fabulous. Some typical associations that I use are: Same Person - Different Company (Contact works for Company1, and has a side business in Company2); Uses Supplier/Supplier For Contractor for/Uses Contractor

  1. XRMS – Activities - can select the type. XRMS allows uses to enter information and note that it was an email, letter, call to, etc. SugarCRM – Enter a note, but cannot indicate what type of activity it is.
    Sugar is designed to make users use a different entry point based on the type of activity. XRMS allows users to enter all activities in one location, and then identify what type of activity the action is.


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