Yahoo IM Hosting A New Worm, Be Cautious!
Sunny • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 1 min read

Be cautious! An unexpected photo viewing invite on Yahoo Instant Messenger is the way of spreading worm. Since last two days people are receiving a downloadable link which seems as if their friends has sent message for sharing the images or photos but in reality it is a malware. This malware helps in installing a backdoor on Windows systems and spreads to a victim’s IM contacts.

If you at all receive a message with tags like ‘photo or ‘photos’ along with a smiley face icon, please avoid clicking on it. The malicious link seems quite similar to a photo viewing request from Facebook or MySpace.

By clicking on the link the yahoo users will get a downloadable file. Afterwards no action will take place but as the executable will downloaded already once user runs the file on windows system your PC will get infected and the malicious message will be distributed to all of the IM contacts.


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