Yoga For Hair Growth And Hair Loss Treatment With Hair Growth Tips
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If you are suffering from hair loss and you don’t want to go under the knife, then yoga could be the answer. According to some yoga gurus, there is little solution for hair loss problems in western medicine. Hair loss in men & women is a universal phenomena caused by hereditary problems, poor diets, stress etc. Only one western prescription product minoxidil has some acceptance as a cure of hair loss. However minoxidil has little or no effect when there is actual baldness rather than thinning.

Yoga postures can help you overcome stress, anxiety, and indigestion, poor blood circulation in head, which are considered as main causes of hair loss. Headstand yoga pose can be very helpful as it contributes blood circulation in head as well as relieves tension.

Some yoga asanas for hair loss include:-

Kapalabhati ( Frontal lobe cleansing technique) : This is a breathing exercise which promotes well being. Sit in a crossed leg position with your back, neck and head in a straight line. Relax your facial muscles and rest your hands on your knees. Take three deep breaths. Inhale deeply and then exhale, all the while contracting your abdominal muscles. Try to do 1 exhalation per second. Start with doing 1 round of 15 exhalations and gradually increase it to 30 and then 60. Increase the number of rounds but take breaks in between. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand): Lie on your back. Inhale deeply and raise your legs until your toes point towards the ceiling. Your body should be resting on your shoulders and the back of your neck. Support your body with your hands which should be at the centre of your spine. Ensure that your legs and spine are straight. Breathe deeply and concentrate on your thyroid gland.

You can also attempt to stop hair fall with yoga practices involving poses like these:-

  1. Anuloma viloma (Alternative Breathing)

  2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

  3. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

  4. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

  5. Vajrasana ( Diamond Pose)

  6. Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose)

  7. Sirsasana ( Headstand Pose)

Yoga for Hair Fall

Hair loss can be due different reasons like heredity, stress, genetic problems, hormonal imbalances, pollution, excessive use of chemicals and styling products and imbalanced diet. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are very beneficial to reduce the daily stress and thus helps to reduce the hair loss directly. Yoga asana like vajrasana and pawanmuktasana are especially beneficial to control hair loss. Besides you can try the following tips and remedies for hair loss –

  1. Keep your scalp clean as far as possible, wash your hair every alternate day and apply conditioner at least once in a week. Brush your hair daily for better circulation of blood under the scalp; however avoid back combing as this can break hair from the shaft. Also do not apply conditioner on the scalp as this can promote hair loss.

  2. Avoid using any harsh chemicals and many styling products to prevent hair loss.

  3. Massage your hair with lavender oil, lavender oil has been proved to promote hair growth significantly.

  4. Boil neem leaves in water, cool and strain this water. Use this water to wash hair. Neem oil can also be mixed with coconut oil in equal proportions and be used to massage the scalp.

  5. Eat a balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, sprouts, eggs, fish, cereals and dairy products.

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    Also I have tried regaine, but the results was not as promising as I had hoped for. Any other things to try instead?