Yoga For Obesity Treatment And Natural Weight Loss
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The first signs of obesity are weight gain; your body loses shape, due to buildup of fats in different parts of your body often, the body balance is affected. Obese people have to expend extra energy to move even.

This results in decline of overall movements. Further, this fall in overall activity raises weight even more; also enthusiasm for any work goes down. For a regular healthy life the weight has to be in certain limits, there is standard chart, which relates height and weight.

If the difference is more than 10 % as mentioned in table then we may say that the person is obese. One can get a brief idea from this chart but not totally correct figures.

Weight gain can be owing to of digestive problems. During digestion useful ingredients of food are absorbed by the blood. If there any problems arise in the process it could result in buildup of fats. If your digestive problem gets cured, obesity will reduce, automatically.

Oftentimes even problems in the nervous system, causes weight gain; in which case the problem in the nervous system should be treated to cure obesity. The mind and body have complex relations between them. As a result of of mental and emotional imbalances, the endocrine gland systems get affected; this could also result in obesity.

Yoga Yoga has an important role to play in the treatment of Obesity. Yoga techniques affect body, internal organs, endocrine glands, brain, mind and other factors concerning Body - Mind complex. Various Yoga techniques can be practiced effectively to reduce the weight and achieve normal healthy condition of Body and Mind.

Asanas Yoga positions or postures are especially useful to reduce the fats in various parts, especially forward bending, twisting and backward bending asanas help reduce the fats near abdomen, hips and other areas. Also the practice of asanas improves functioning of internal organs, strengthening heart, lungs, kidneys, excretory & reproductive organs. Regular practice builds strength in muscles.

Asanas can be practiced with fast speed like exercise with good effects, the practitioner may increase repetitions instead of maintaining the asana for long.

Sun salutations Sun salutations are very beneficial in Obesity management, every day 24 sun salutations with a speed of 4 rounds in 1 minute gives great benefits of Yoga Asanas and exercise as well. The practice of Sun salutation is a sequence of 7 asanas practiced in order which tones almost all of the muscles and also internal organs are stretched increasing blood & oxygen supply to these parts. Regular practice of sun salutation with breathing gives good exercise to the lungs. Mantras have relaxing effect on mind.

Pranayama Pranayama is very important technique in yoga which is control and extension of Prana or Vital energy or Life force. Pranayama helps in management of this energy. Various techniques are available in yoga, which give interesting but good results. The Pranayama can be classified in 2 types in terms of physiology, Hypo ventilation or vitalizing Pranayama and Hyper ventilation or relaxing pranayama. Kapalbhati, Bhasrika and Fast breathing can be classified under Hyper ventilation (increases Oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide) and Deep breathing, Bhramari, Shitali, Sitkari can be classified as Hypo ventilation (oxygen level remains mostly same but the speed of respiration is lower, heart rate lower).

Kapalbhati, Bhasrika & fast breathing can be practiced by people suffering from obesity with good effects; these Pranayama techniques increase the lung capacity and help burning fats. Regular practice of Pranayama brings balance in the system in terms of Physical and Mental functions.

Cleansing Techniques Shankha Prakshalana or Master cleansing technique - Drinking 2 glasses of water, performing special asanas, again drinking the water, followed by asanas to evacuate the bowels is the process of cleansing of entire GI tract. The process is completed when one has completely cleansed the intestinal tract.

Agnisar Fast movement of abdominal muscles in and out, is very good exercise to get rid of the accumulated fats in the abdominal region also it helps in streamlining Digestive system.

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