Yoga For Pregnant Ladies For Healthy Pregnancy
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A healthy pregnancy followed by a safe delivery is a dream-come-true for every woman and it is with the intention of accomplishing this objective that women put their explicit faith in the combination of yoga and pregnancy.

While pregnancy has been the forte of women-kind of every species ever since the inception of life on Earth, yoga is an ancient form of exercise which was devised centuries ago by yogis as a way to lead a life which is healthy in all aspects, mental, physical and spiritual. Therefore, the combination of both in the following epochs has been aptly termed as yoga for pregnant women since it entails the practice of only those yoga asanas which contribute significantly towards a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

While starting off along with your yoga exercises throughout pregnancy, select some simple asanas that don’t overstretch the muscles and ligaments. Conjointly whereas deciding which yoga poses to do, take into consideration the trimester of the pregnancy. Thus whereas in the first trimester the sitting and standing postures like, ‘the mountain’, ‘the triangle’, etc. are considered safe bets, during the second and third trimester keep in mind to cut down on the time of the sessions to avoid fatigue.

Additionally avoid back and belly poses and do not hold the positions for too long. Poses like ‘the hero’, ‘the sage twist’ and ‘the total butterfly’ are thought of helpful throughout the second and third trimester. Here is a guide to suggested poses for prenatal yoga:

Respiratory Exercises: The basic yoga techniques taught to pregnant women, are the respiration exercises that are considred very important for the control of the energy (prana). A few straightforward Pranayams (breath control) helps in releasing the emotional tension and the probability of post natal depression. A number of the advised breathing exercises are a mild kind of kapalabhatti and heaps of anuloma-viloma.

Kapalabhati: Take 2 traditional breaths and then inhale. Exhale whereas pulling in the abdomen (keep in mind to not stretch the muscles of the stomach) and repeat as needed whereas keeping the emphasis on exhalation. Now inhale and exhale fully before inhaling once and holding your breath for as long possible. Exhale terribly slowly.

Anuloma Viloma: This involves adopting the Vishnu Mudra. Together with your right hand, tuck your index and middle fingers into your nostrils while placing the thumb and alternative fingers on either facet of your nostrils. Inhale through the left nostril whereas holding the right one closed with your thumb and count to four. Now shut each nostrils and count to sixteen before respiration out through the correct nostril. Currently repeat the exercise by inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left.

Mountain Pose: This helps in inducing the ability of stillness and immovable stability. It involves standing up straight with each feet at hip width. Flip your heels and let the burden rest on the toes, while you let the arms droop downwards towards the body. Currently breathe out and in letting your shoulders relax. While doing this asana look straight and try to avoid motion, with as little effort as possible.

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