You Can Increase Your Sperm Count Naturally
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Low sperm count is a common problem that has affected a large number of men all around the world. There are several causes of low sperm count. Few among them are sitting for long hours, bathing in very hot water, wearing tight underpants, over weight and frequent semen ejaculation. There should be a gap of three days between two consecutive ejaculations. This keeps man more potent and fertile.

Other common reasons of low sperm count are smoking, excessive alcohol intake, zinc deficiency, infections present in prostate gland, use of anabolic steroid, malformed genital organs and over exertion physically and mentally. Before discussing on how to increase your sperm count naturally, we will talk about the production of sperm cells and how they reach their destination.

Semen EnhancerThe sperm cells production goes on in man from teenage years to advanced old age at the rate of 500 million a day during peak production. Sperms look like a tadpole with a head, neck and a tail. The head transmits the qualities of genus and individual. The neck acts as oar to sweep the sperm forwards. These sperms come into motion when they are blended with a liquid secretion of the vesicles and prostate gland but in the testicles they remain motionless.

A part from the independent motion of the individual sperm cells, they are driven forward and onward in the testicles by the accumulation of secretion, and gradual muscular apparatus of these ducts. They cover the last stage through the urethra and impetus in the ejaculation. If a man is having unprotected sex with a woman and his penis is inside her vagina when he ejaculates, the sperm meets a mature ovum here, combines with it and conception takes place. Out of 200 to 500 million sperms that enter the vagina at the time of coitus only one is lucky enough to enter the ovum. Other are expelled out by the vaginal secretions.

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