You Need To Get Over An Ex For 5 Big Reasons
Susan Pamela • onMating & Dating 8 years ago • 2 min read

When you have been dumped, it’s easy to stay in a rut for an extended period of time. Some people may take months; others don’t ever recover from it even after a long period of time. There are 5 reasons you should not fall into these category and you need to learn how to get over an ex fast .

(1) For Sanity Sake – Would you believe that one negative thought in your mind can have a negative impact on your life? Many people don’t think that’s true but in reality, it is. If you're constantly think on the negatives, it reduces your thinking and mental competences. Try to think positively on the things that are most important on your life.

(2) Mental/Physical Efficiency – It’s normal to think about relationships of the past but not all the time. It’s quite unhealthy and makes you do less work and become less efficient, trying to accomplish a goal

(3) Negative Motivations – It’s bad for you to think about your ex all the time. Those bad memories are reinforced every time you think about them. Try to positively think about a foundation that makes a good relationship. Then go make it happen.

(4) Negative Thoughts = Missed Chances – When your mind can't get over your ex, you tend to miss chances of finding new love to spend your days and even nights with. Stop thinking about what could have been and focus on what is now and could be. Continually thinking about the past tends to make you and your mind go insane. If you get into a new relationship, focus on the present and not on the past.

(5) Happiness – When you have a good thought in your mind, the chemical Serotonin is excreted. How your brain reacts will show your state of mind. Try to stay positive and if you find yourself slipping into negative territory, focus on a happy memory even if it’s something small. Through good experiences, you can change how you feel. You can force your brain to excrete the chemical positively. Therefore, you can be happy.

Remember that focusing on your ex all the time is bad for your overall health instead learn how to get over an ex and move on. It’s ultimately the best thing for you now.


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