You R My Life,my Heart & My Soul
Sunny • on 10 years ago • 1 min read

Every day i wake up.. Just to spend one more day of my life with u

Every night that I go to sleep Is only to dream about you

Every time I dress up well Is for you to compliment me

Everytime a smile on my face Indicates you presence near me

A smile is what comes naturally The moment I c u or think about u

And also I cant help crying When I am not with u..

My life is so beautiful When we are together

Every second spent with u is precious But I also understand it wont last forever..

Life is so short and so many things to do We don't know abt tomo..and for rebirth I have no clue

I wanna spend every single day with you And live happily to fullest today Tomorrow may not just come at all I don't want to have a regret in anyway

God has been great, to give me a gem like you I want to preserve this gem in my heart and soul I cant stay away without you You are my life,my heart and my soul . . .


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