You Say You Love Me, But I Love You More
Sunny • on 8 years ago • 1 min read

You say you love me but i love you more i feel as though we were meant to be for all of eternity

you say you need me but i need you more your the only one that i have to run to to keep me safe and warm in the loneliest thoughts

You say you dream of me but i dream of you more i see you everyday even when we aren't together i see you in every thought

you say you miss me but i miss you more i cant get you off my mind every day and night i cry myself to sleep

you say you know thangs but i know more i know that we were meant to be just the two of us only you and me


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  • Guest 7 years ago
    Nice language and slang. It makes you feel wonderful. Also the poem is nicely written and I am happy to have found it. Thanks for the post. I really liked it.