Young Telugu Hero Caught With Beer And Baby?
Cute Girl • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

When some fans of young Telugu hero saw the actor in Goa they wanted to say 'Hi' and introduce themselves, but the hero reportedly behaved bad just saying ‘Extralu vaddu’. Incidentally the hero was seen with a beer in one hand and a beautiful babe in the other.

The guys who saw the actor were very disappointed with his behavior. The hero could have reciprocated with a warm smile and behaved well, after his entire livelihood is dependent on his fans.

As regards the beer and the babe, well these things should be private. If the hero wants an exhibition of his activities, there will be many who would be willing to see. If he is so protective about his affairs, let him do things in the closed doors of his room! This hero is not just known to Telugus but his image has got ‘scope’ in entire ‘south’!!!



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