Your Dietitian Can Take You From Fat To Flat
Sneha • onHealth & Beauty 9 years ago • 3 min read

Ask any dietitian on what kind of body fat worries most people and their answer would most likely be the stomach fat. Stomach fat or visceral fat as it is sometimes called, is a very stubborn kind of body fat and generally challenges most people’s patience when it comes to weight reduction.

The reason for the deposit of fat in the stomach depends an a large number of factors. Some of these are age, gender, genetic make-up, eating habits and body activity. It is not possible to control any of the above factors except eating habits and body activity. With sufficient control of both these factors, it is possible to convert the fat stomach to a flat stomach.

In order to start to lose weight on your belly, you must first consult with your dietitian and your fitness instructor on your fitness plan. If possible, consult with a physician as well, so that you know how much stress your body can take. After this is done, you must start taking the fitness program seriously and start working out.

An ideal fitness plan would consist of a controlled intake of calorie level and a exercise plan which burns additional calories. It is not possible to perform exercises which deal with spot reduction of just the stomach. An all-body work out would probably guarantee weight loss in the stomach in the long run. However, for the short term, it is necessary to keep at it and eventually, your visceral fat will disappear.

Recent research has suggested that an increase in stress levels of the human body causes visceral fat deposits. It is hence, mandatory to keep yourself highly motivated to the fitness program. Don’t be discouraged if you do not see any results after your exercises. Combine them with the diet prescribed by your dietitian and continue with the program.

After a point, your body will have lost all the fat except the ones in your abdominal region. At this point, it will have noother option but to start burning the fat off. Using exercises which target the stomach region helps in the long run. Exercises such as abdominal crunches and push-ups coupled with cycling and jogging really help in the trimming process.

Start today. Visit your dietitian and your fitness instructor and decide on a fitness plan. Stick to the plan and you will soon start noticing results.

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