You're Beautiful
Sunny • on 9 years ago • 1 min read

You are beautiful Your love shines right through me Every time I hear your name It makes my cheeks red with shame

You are beautiful And I love you Like I love music But you much more boldly

How about you and I go down to the park? It makes this love more mysterious and dark

You are beautiful Your red lips make my cheeks red Your flowing hair makes mine stand on end Jealousy, envy, love, and lust You cannot be more robust

You are beautiful Now I have described it as best I can

I should be done talking to myself now And I think I should talk to the beautiful stranger before me Or maybe the beautiful you is not man but is this- Poetry

Yes I believe I will go down to the park So it is mysterious and dark And write about you Poetry For I realize that Poetry is far more beautiful than thee


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