YS Jagan Is Jesus- KCR Is Satan
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Ever since the Telangana bomb was planted by K Chandrasekhar Rao, the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and most importantly, its capital Hyderabad has seen some rough times.

It is becoming evident with each passing day that this has been a move by a group with vested interests and that is resulting in so much chaos. Right now, the situation in Telangana seems to be quite volatile and with Y S Jagan announcing his tour in the region, it has become even more sensitive. His ‘Odarpu Yatra’ is being considered as a concern by KCR and his men so they are doing everything possible to make sure that this tour doesn’t happen.

Apparently, a death has now been reported in one of the villages and this is said to be the suicide committed by a staunch YSR follower. He was said to be depressed on hearing that Jagan is not being allowed into the region. Those who are close to the victim are coming down heavily on KCR. They say that Jagan is like Jesus, he is coming and giving Rs 1 lakh to all the families of the suicide victims, but with KCR stopping such a good person, he is no less than a Satan.

While this has been the talk of the Christian community in general, it is also heard from other people that it is simply ridiculous to see KCR stopping Jagan. They say that this is gross violation of democracy and nothing but sheer rowdyism. For now, Jagan seems to bent on continuing with his tour though KCR has warned that the consequences will be severe. Any layman would clearly understand who is right and who is wrong in this aspect.

As for those poor people who consider YSR and his son as the givers, they are having no qualms in calling KCR a Satan. Getting such curses from his own Telangana region must enlighten the thoughts of KCR to an extent, we hope.


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