YSR's Death Issue Rises Again. Now Blame Shifts On Ambanis
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YSR's Death Issue Rises Again. Now Blame Shifts on Ambanis

YSR’s death mystery – A conspiracy for Rich Gas reserves In Andhra Pradesh

The late YSR's death is again haunting the Telugu people. Now some people like Mareppa and TV5 news channel gave rise to rumors that YSR's death must have been plotted by the Ambani family. This looks too hard to believe. Though YSR tried to discuss the "gas sharing" with the Ambanis, Ambani brothers has got nothing more to do with it.

Mareppa and TV5 contention is that the a foreign (Russian) Magazine and website "The Exile" published that the death is not accidental but due to some heinous plot. Incidentally the magazine has been closed a month back due to some financial problems.The magazine does not have much credibility and it has been many times before.

But what’s eerie is that the dead politician recently went public attacking India’s most powerful oligarch family, the Ambanis, threatening to take away their giant offshore gas concessions.

So why would an Ambani have anything to do with the mysterious helicopter crash of Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy? Just speculatin’ on a hypothesis?

After the news was splashed the late YSR's followers participated in the attacks on Reliance outlets like "Reliance Fresh" and "Reliance Petrol Bunks".Some Politicians even gave call for a Bandh tomorrow.

Meanwhile the Press Academy Chairman Mr Devulapalli Amar has rubbished the controversy on YSR's death and possible Ambani Link.He even raised Doubts about the timing of this news related to YSR's death.The YSR's topic was brought forefront to sideline the Telangana Movement Mr.Amar said in a statement.He came down harshly on some news channels which are resorting to cheap publicity to gain popularity.

But it is sad to see that Andhra Pradesh is going through a horrible phase from the past 4 months and at a time when everybody coming back to normal life from the Telanagana turmoil,today the mystery of YSR'S death has been raised from the ashes.

Finally it is the duty of Central Government and the CBI which has to accelerate the investigation and let the public know the facts clearly pertaining to the YSR's Chopper crash otherwise the Ghost of YSR will be haunting us On and Off !!!!!!!!!!!

YSR’s death mystery – A conspiracy for Rich Gas reserves In Andhra Pradesh



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